OTA Update for HTC One X

First news of this update hitting was announced on the 10th August however many users have yet to see the update. The international HTC One X has received an OTA update, bringing the with it Android 4.0.4 and Sense 4.1. The total size is 148mb.

First impressions of the update are good although it doesn’t seem to bring loads of new features. There are some slight differences to some icons and a few apps have slightly different menu layouts to before. The main new additions are an EA Games app which has a few games you can download and play for free and free trials for many other games. Another app has also been added called Rescue which can be used for remote technical support.

The Sense update doesn’t seemed to of changed too much and as yet I haven’t noticed any major differences. Still updates are always fun and I do always get a little bit excited when the little icon pops up in the notification bar to inform me of a software update.

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