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Back Up Your Entire Tablet Without Rooting - Beta

Most Android users need root to backup their phones and tablets, but there is a growing number of devices where this is no longer the case. Google made a change in Android 4 ICS that lets you backup apps, data and system apps without root. Several methods have been in circulation to do so: some require the Android SDK to ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Camera Rooted Already

You can say what you like about XDA Developers as a site but there is one thing you can’t deny and that is that they have the biggest and most talented bunch of developers in the Android Community and with that said they are back in the limelight with XDA Elite Recognised Developer Adam Outler producing a how to root ... Read More »

App Review - FX File Explorer

  FX File Explorer is a file manager with optional media, networking, cloud, and root capabilities. FX is designed to let you quickly and easily manage all content on your phone or tablet. But just how good is it? Well, let’s start by saying NO Ads which is a good start, stable and fast. Which you expect from most file ... Read More »

App - One Power Guard version 1.7 Root Required

Getting better battery life is a struggle most mobile device users will have for the foreseeable future. Even if advanced batteries are released that give users two days of heavy use, there will naturally be a script, an application, and a kernel tweak to improve this figure further. As batteries get better, so do battery applications. Now, a new tool ... Read More »

Nexus Q gets CM9 build


  The Nexus Q, otherwise known as Google’s glowing ball, has had it’s own little version of CyanogenMod 9 built for it by developer Jason Parker. According to his Google+ post, the Bluetooth and WiFi work, with the sound being a bit of a mess, but more should be expected to come in the future! Source: Jason Parkers Google+ Read More »

Yes, you can now root the AT&T HTC One X

A new tool from some talented hackers on XDA-Developers have released a One-Click root tool for the HTC One X. This works for those devices who’s carriers (such as AT&T) have disabled the HTCDev unlocking tool. The process appears to work across platforms, but is currently tested on Windows only but should work on others so as usual take caution ... Read More »

[Security] ZTE Phones have a root backdoor?

It’s appearing that a root backdoor has appeared in ZTE phones, allowing full root to devices. It simply provides a root shell using a hard-coded password. This is serious news for any hackers, as this command can cause major damage to phones. Here is the information, should you wish to have a go: The ZTE Score M is an Android ... Read More »