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ARCHOS Announces 97b Titanium


If you’re in the market for a new tablet then you might want to take a look at the new Archos 97b which has been announced today. The tablet features a 9.7 inch IPS LCD and will be driven by a  1.6 GHz Dual Core CPU / Quad Core GPU. Admittedly the tablet is priced a little high at £199.99 but ... Read More »

Dash Mounting a Nexus 7 - #ProjectN7 by @mr_bridger


One thing that’s bugged me for a long time is the lack of Android based in-car entertainment systems. Android is the perfect platform for this, its open source, very customisable, and lends it self well to cloud based music apps and internet radio. Manufacturers only need to build some hardware and then slap Android on it! So why are there ... Read More »

Review: GMD GestureControl Lite ★ root

GMD GestureControl allows you to control tablet or phone with MULTITOUCH gestures. Root required. This is Lite version of GMD GestureControl. Requires root access. USB Debugging must be enabled in Android setting. For this review I’m using my Motorola Xoom. Overview: For those who want to get away from the Android’s status bar, or just want more intuitive gesture-based controls on their ... Read More »

Google Android director: 10inch tablets are ‘overpriced and underpowered’


Google lifted the lid on three wallet-friendly Nexus devices at the end of October, namely the LG Nexus 4, 32GB Asus Nexus 7, and the Samsung-built Nexus 10 tablet. Now Google’s Android director of business development for Android, John Lagerling, explains why they went for a 10in tablet, specifically because the competitors are expensive, and disappointing spec-wise. Nexus 10 specs ... Read More »

Nexus 10 Caught On Video For A Mere 5 Seconds


The highly anticipated Nexus 10 just made a quick little tease stop for the camera, and by tease I mean 5 seconds. A 5 second video posted by BriefMobile shows the Nexus 10′s homescreen and the opening of the browser. Not much at all, but it is a leak and we are here to report those to you. Don’t blink ... Read More »

Nexus 7 Gets Minor OTA


The Nexus 7 has received a minor OTA tonight and when I say minor I mean minor as in practically nothing changed at all. The only change is the about tablet screen. There is now a section for FCC ID, IC and Model Number. The update brings the tablet up to JRO03D only changing the last letter from a ‘C’. ... Read More »

Sam’s Club Now Accepting Pre-Orders For The Nexus 7


Seems like everyone wants to get themselves a new shiny Nexus 7 and so far shipping of these devices hasn’t gone well. Most retailers have failed to ship the device on the date they were supposed to. Sam’s Club is now accepting pre-orders and saying they will ship July 17th to July 20th. Who knows if it will actually ship ... Read More »

Would You Like To Roast Some Jelly Beans On That Kindle Fire?


The Kindle Fire was and still is a pretty amazing device if you’re into the whole Amazon scene. The recent Nexus 7 is a sure competitor though because it has that buttery smooth Jelly Bean. Don’t worry though thanks to the community the Fire now has a beta port of 4.1. Watch it in action below. It’s not the greatest ... Read More »