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Motorola Moto X - The Finer Details

Earlier today I posted details of an advert for the upcoming Moto X handset from Motorola which is set to be released tomorrow however at that point very little was known about the customisation being offered by the handset. Thanks to ABC News we can now reveal a little more about the upcoming handset and what’s being offered. So it seems ... Read More »

Motorola Tease Moto X in Independence Day Advert


With Independence Day being tomorrow, Motorola have finally teased at the release of the Moto X which is something to get the mouths of patriots and tech fans watering. In an advert for the Moto X, Motorola announce that this will be the first smartphone designed, engineered and built in the USA. Whilst I can’t 100% guarantee that statement I’m ... Read More »

Say Hello To The New Motorola Logo

motorola logo

It was only a mater of time before the Google in Motorola started to shine through and here it is, the new Motorola “A Google Company” Logo. So what’s your thought’s? Do you like it? I think I do actually. Via: GSM Arena Read More »

Motorola phones surface online - The Yeti, Sasquatch and Ghost

Its been sometime since we’ve heard anything from Motorola about any new products. Yes, there’s the mythic ‘X-Phone’ that’s touted to be the first offspring of the Google-Motorola partnership, but even that phone just exists as nothing more than speculation and rumours right now. However, this week, details of three new Motorola devices have made their way to the surface thanks to ... Read More »

Google Reportedly Developing Flagship Android Phone and Tablet

There is a very strong rumour that Google is currently developing it’s own flagship devices to take on the iPhone and iPad, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. It seem at last Google is working with Motorola, the two companies are hard at work on a pair of devices rumoured codenamed “X Phone” and “X Tablet.” ... Read More »

Motorola Launcher and Clock Widget from Razr M


With all the hullabaloo about the clock widget on the Motorola RAZR and a multitude of ppl asking for it on XDA buy cheap viagra and other sites I thought we should put it up for you to download. What’s involved? One .zip file containing three .apk files. All you needed to to was unzip the archive to your phone, ... Read More »

Motorola Promises $100 If Your Device Doesn't Receive Jelly Bean


When I first read this story it took me a while to actually realise what I had just read. At today’s keynote, Dennis Woodside the head of Motorola, announced that cialis no prescription they fully intend to upgrade all new and existing Motorola handsets to Jelly Bean where possible. Sounds good right? Well it gets much better. If your device isn’t one ... Read More »

Motorola Xoom Officially Getting Jelly Bean


Thanks to Android Central we can now officially see that the Motorola Xoom is getting Android 4.1 and this wasn’t much of a suprise considering Google told us they would be updating the Xoom and we have seen multiple rumors of the soak test. The changelog is official and looks like this: Android 4.1.1, Jelly Bean Software Update for the ... Read More »