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More on What’s Going on at CyanogenMod

Earlier today I posted my thoughts on what’s going on over at CyanogenMod or Cyanogen Inc and now I’d like to follow up on that post with some more evidence supporting the rumoured move to making Cyanogen a commercial company. This time we will start by looking at some of the CyanogenMod team’s LinkedIn profiles based on their current Dev Team ... Read More »

What’s Going On With CyanogenMod?


If,  like me,  you’ve been paying close  attention to CyanogenMod over the past few months then you will be under no illusion that something untoward may well be going on. I’ve pulled together some links and some of my own personal thoughts to write  this post backed up with hard evidence and certain things the CyanogenMod team are keeping very quiet ... Read More »

Some thoughts on the Moto X


The Moto X has caused a pretty big buzz since its launch just a few days ago — some good buzz, some bad, but all interesting. Putting aside the controversial aspects for a moment, I’d like to focus on something that Robert Scoble thinks of as, “the freaky line” and the “always on” connection to Google Now. While I find ... Read More »

My Little OPPO Rant


You know I like OPPO, I like the way they seem to just listen but sometimes I think they just get ahead of themselves by doing whatever people want: Take this image posted on their Facebook page as an example. It leads to a discussion forum where fans of the device suggest to the company that they should do a ... Read More »

The Quest for Addtional Power -v- Reduced Functionality


Recently I have started to think today about Battery Life v Functionality.  I have seen numerous cases of people who seem to be willing to completely cripple their smartphones (at least what I deem as crippled) in order to get what is likely to be just an extra few minutes life out of their phones. At what point does restricting ... Read More »

The HTC One, Zoe and I


Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself becoming a bit of a Zoe Highlight Video compulsive. Every time I take a photo with my HTC One I make sure that I have Zoe selected and that I take more than one of them so that I can create a highlight video like the one below. Having a young family ... Read More »

Let’s Be Honest, We Already Have Android 4.3 (Updated)


I have a not-so-unique theory about Android 4.3′s front-end updates…they’re already here. Google plus 6/13/13 Google Cloud Print 6/12/13 Gmail 6/5/13 Google Now 5/15/13 Google Drive 6/3/13 Play Music 6/13/13 Google Calendar 5/30/13 Hangouts 5/16/13 Google Keep 3/20/13 YouTube 5/15/13 Google Keyboard 6/5/13 Google Maps - 7/10/2013 Recently Google has been on the warpath when it comes to major app ... Read More »