Does the Sony Xperia S have Battery Problems?

Our friends over at CoolSmartPhone may well have stumbled across some problems with the newly launched Sony Xperia S handset.

According to a screenshot sent to them by Jamie Wright, the phone is loosing power even when the screen is off on a major scale.


I’m sat in work, phone is plugged into my USB port to top up the charge. Guess what – even without the screen on the battery is going down.

As you can see from the area highlighted above, the handset is charging, WiFi and Screen are off and there seems to be no reason for it.

Does anyone else have this problem or is it, as Leigh Geary considers, a rogue app?

Via: CoolSmartPhone

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  • Jquarmby says:

    yes this is a massive problem. the display and sony’s own media player are draining my phone at a rediculous rate!!!!!

  • tedster11 says:

    This phones battery is beyond unacceptable, everyone is scrambling around trying to fix things left right and centre, even after a couple of weeks its abysmal, mines going back. What’s the point of having all those features if you cant get past lunchtime without the thing dying.

  • Winch Largo says:

    i’ve the same problem, tring to keep battery life by software closing apps every single minute, but it doesn’t help, phone is cool but battery drains 

  • Basscat says:

    I have got similar problem. I surf the internet for about an hour a day, talk no more than half an hour and and the battery gets flat in 24 hours (all apps killed and the display set to the lowest highlighting, no gps, blutooth, only wifi is on). I have had a similar experience with two Sony live view products, I got replacements and I will try them this week. The battery in both live views has gone flat in 4hours of standby while it should last a week or so. I love those products and I will give my xperia few more days of try but I affraid that I will have to send it back. I have spot that my xperia s gets warm below the back camera, has anybody spot the same issue?

    • Zennarin says:

      I have the same problem as u, it’s seem to be obvious that many ppl claim about battery, but not many about xperias getting warm too fast. I talk only 10 mins on a phone or 5 mins on skype via 3G system, then it’s too hot to talk w/o smalltalk or speaker phone. 

      • Basscat says:

        So update as promissed a week of using the phone. The sony liveview replacements seem to last a long time as long as in mobile phone is in range so Im very happy about that.
        About the phone. I keep closing the applications, hardly ever surf the internet, talk for 40 minutes, and the battery still lasts around 24 hours - improvement since new (13h for the first few days) but still much much worse than my iPhone that I have used much more intensively. I have checked the battery usage and it looks like there is nothing more that can be done. 6 and a half hours of talking to totaly discharge the battery. I will have to use to the fact that the mobile stays on charge every night to don’t run out of juice when I need it. Im wondering if I want to listen to the music for the 25 hours as sony states do I need to switch the phone into the airplane mode as well? LOL

  • trowfd says:

    Mine’s fine. Lasted about 13 hours yesterday with pretty heavy use (I was just playing with it for fun). The biggest difference is the awake part. Mine is not awake anywhere near as much. There will be a process running that is casuing the battery to drain. look for com.sonyericcson.awake or com.sonyericcson.wakeup.

    The only way to stop them is to root the handset but as a temporary fix you can try putting the data on WCDMA only. 

  • Jgf says:

    Same thing 24 hours without using it at all.

  • Anferny says:

    I’ve had mine for 3 weeks now and the battery is lasting pretty well.. I had a Galaxy SII previously. Lasts on average around 13 hours before reaching 15%. I’m on facebook during the day,lots of SMS’s, an hour of music play during gym in the morning and generally around 2 hours of calls through bluetooth in the car.

  • mking656 says:

    Battery life is woeful to say the least! I love the phone, but as others have said, what’s the point in all the features if the battery can’t handle it?!!!

  • VisorKSA says:

    Try to update your system to Build Number: 6.0.A.3.73 and you will see the difference in battery life.

    • Ahmedbel4 says:

      I agree with you the batety life increases 2to3 times even more when is in standby

      • ManiKanta says:

        Thanks for the confirmation. But I’ve not got .73 update (in India). Is there any published information about the availability dates?

    • ManiKanta says:

      Mine is 6.0.A.3.62 and how to update to the version you’ve specified? I tried with Sony PC companion and it says I’ve latest update installed? Is the version you’ve specified is for Xperia S? if yes, can you please tell me how to get that update?

  • Dchumphrey says:

    Well for my phone I’ve had it for 2 days n first day battery didn’t last passed 5hours n second day after giving it a full charge, I turn the phone on to find it has only charged to 17%, so I use it again and that night I charged it for around 8 hours(charging light was on) turn it on and again and only 17% of the battery has charged, ridiculous

  • Flippo says:

     Well Congratulations dudes, I have the same problem here the Battery begin piss me off.

  • ManiKanta says:

    I bought Xperia S 3days back in India, and I m getting frustrated with the battery backup. I m required to charge twice a day. Even in the night, the battery is getting discharged around 40%. No Wifi, data, GPS, bluetooth. Just plain idle.
    And people are suggesting to decrease display brightness and turnoff the Bravio engine. Whats the point in buying a phone with all these features and turning them off :(

    • Mukul Saxena says:

      i am also from from BLR India and really pissed off with the battery.Such an expensive device, and good for nothing..

      • Ravin Varghese says:

        Mukul, this is Ravin from Blore…..see you need to remove all the widgets from your home screen. Like wether, friends updates etc etc…..keep only the audio player, wifi widget, brightness widget etc….. and this will realy increase your battry back up…..try it…..if its working, leave me reply to

    • Ravin Varghese says:

      Mani, this is Ravin from Blore…..see you need to remove all the widgets from your home screen. Like wether, friends updates etc etc…..keep only the audio player, wifi widget, brightness widget etc….. and this will realy increase your battry back up…..try it…..if its working, leave me reply to

  • Raffy_pinoy08 says:


    I’m also experiencing the same problem, in fact my 5 days old Xperia S is now showing yellow tint on the scree which I’m disappointed about..T_T





  • Djcuk03 says:

    Yes i have the same problem but my phone takes forever to charge. A whole night and only half charged

  • Jobbe says:

    I just recently got the phone and I’m loving it -> except for the effin battery. It is simply unacceptable. As many of you have stated: what’s the point of having a cool phone, if you can’t use the features? It’s absolutely a joke. My old HTC (which had horrible issues) could deliver nearly 3 days of awesome battery power while being used regularly and with constant internet connection. My Sony can just barely last half a day with near to no use and no internet connection active.

    However, I did speak to a guy in the store where I bought it and he said, that Sony will be rolling out updates in the very near future which should max out the battery efficiency, but the way I see it the damage has been done. How, and I cannot stress this enough, how could this have passed? I’m assuming they actually ran some tests on the phone? Did it not occur to them that it would be slightly annoying to some users, that the battery is worthless? I really hope they offer to just replace the battery.

  • Martin Fon says:

    My Xperia has a charging problem. It keeps decreasing in capacity even in the charging mode. Very funny and fustrating.

  • very mad says:

    Well, am having the same ussue of battery life & the device is getting too HOT
    how to deal with it?
    the phone nice to have but very stupid

  • marom monirath says:

    my sony xperia s had problem with bettery life, screen not on just keep standby but bettery just lost for 5 minutes or 10 minutes without screen on!

  • marom monirath says:

    sony xperia should be change way to maintain the bettery life,it’s so fast to decrease bettery life, i will sell this phone and buy other! from cambodia

  • Jakir says:

    I bought Xperia S on September 1 2012 but its battery backup is very weak It need to charge 2 or 3 time in a day even I did all apps fores stop no live wallpaper and also manage brightness and didn’t use wifi or data but there is no improvement .
    what I do now can any one tell me? Is this be Battery problem or else plz tell me

  • Pokimon says:

    I strongly recommend not to buy Sony Xperia S. the main problem with that unit is the battery, as the battery ca not be remove or replace.. once you have a problem with your Xperia battery you will end up replacing the entire unit.