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HTC may bring Sense 5 & 4.2.2 to the One S after all

After all the fuss surrounding HTC’s decision to exclude the One S from their previously promised position of an update to Sense 5 and Android 4.2.2 it seems the story may not be quite over.  In this current culture of massive U-turns HTC may be attempting to reverse again regarding the One S.   A usually reliable source for HTC ... Read More »

Sense 5 and the one S


It was reported yesterday  that HTC had crushed the hopes of One S owners by declaring that the device will NOT be getting an Android 4.2.2 Sense 5 update after we in the community believed and posted some months ago that they would.  So what now for the device owners?  Obviously the only remaining upgrade path is via custom ROM’s ... Read More »

Former HTC Execs Launch Their Own Company


Now the, make of this what you wish but I for one find it very interesting and question how many of the other HTC former staff members will be heading to a new company founded by former HTC Executives Michael Coombes and James Atkins (Atkins was formerly UK head of marketing and Coombes UK head of sales) who left the company earlier ... Read More »

HTC and Facebook “First” gets plug pulled on UK launch


  After much publicity back in April, HTC and Facebook have decided to pull the plug the “First” phone’s launch in the UK. The Facebook phone was earmarked to be released on EE network through Orange. Pre-Order customers are being informed of the cancellation, by email. Mobile News quoted the story from sources that are claiming the plug was pulled ... Read More »

HTC First Now $.99 at AT&T on New Activations

It looks like the HTC First A.K.A. The Facebook phone is now on sale for just $.99 cents on the AT&T Website with a two year contract. Although I would never use this phone, people that are on the fence about this device can now pick it up for a buck and do so in good conscious and if someone offered ... Read More »

HTC One new red colour on UK website

When HTC first announced the One we were delighted to see the silver as well as the black variation. When they put the original image on their site it was a red one that was quickly taken down and replaced with the silver one, although that has now changed. Well now it appears that this wasn’t a mistake in the in the ... Read More »

Is This The @HTC Answer to SIRI?

I quite often visit a number of Asian technology websites to see what’s happening in the eastern markets and on today’s visit I came across some images that are being reported to be HTC’s answer to SIRI. The software which is reportedly only available on HTC Mainland China handsets is in the process of being extracted to be tested on ... Read More »

HTC M4 leaked, flagship One style with lightweight specs

When we first received information on the HTC M4 and seen specs we were a little bit skeptical thinking this might be a fake. Courtesy of @evleaks though, we can now tell it’s looking good, maybe not a fake after all. After the rave reviews of the One, HTC looks to be sharing its style tips around. Having a quick glance at ... Read More »

Android 4.2.2 for HTC One coming soon?

The HTC One is everywhere right now and if HTC can get the supply chain sorted out they are onto a sure fire winner.  One little piece of criticism it has received is the fact it ships with Android 4.1.2 when 4.2.2 had been out so long, it is also one of the areas that puts it behind the Samsung ... Read More »