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Red All About It! Galaxy SIII Gets New Colour Variant


Sorry, the post title is nothing short of terrible. Over a month ago we reported that AT&T were to carry a Red variant of the Galaxy SIII and today it became reality. Last Friday, AT&T began selling the Samsung Galaxy S III in-store and thousands of customers are already enjoying the device. Today we have more exciting news to share.  ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S3 torture tested


Check out episode 4 of Molly Wood’s Always On show, to see her torture-testing a Samsung Galaxy S3.  She puts one in the freezer for 2 hours, bakes it for an hour at 190 degrees fahrenheit, scratches the screen with keys, dunks it in a fish bowl and drops it 3 times. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but ... Read More »

Liar Liar Pants On Fire (Quite Literally)


You remember a few weeks ago that Roy posted about the guy who had a Samsung Galaxy SIII that exploded? Well it turns out that that the person who reported it was telling a bit of a porky pie. Samsung said that they would look into it with a third party and then decided that the damage to the phone ... Read More »

Stock Firmware for Verizon’s SGSIII Released


ROM Developers can singe a merry song now that they can finally get their hands on the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII Firmware courtesy of samsung updates. Interested parties can download the Frimware now via samsung updates and lets all keep our fingers crossed that this produces some wonderful ROM’s. Via: Talk Android Read More »

Sprint to the Store To Get Your SIII


Sorry, the title of the post is shocking but to be fair it’s almost 1am and I think I’m heading towards writers block. Sprint customers can finally get out their cash or cards get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The SIII was originally tipped for a June 21st launch date however it missed that and will instead be ... Read More »

Samsung’s Official Comments on Android 4.1


With some of Samsung’s handsets still awaiting Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) owners will be pleased to know that the company have now released the official statement on the Android 4.1 update (Jellybean) "Samsung will be announced as soon as an additional device to provide updates JellyBean. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of smart phones, has developed a smart ... Read More »

Winner of the Land of Droid & Waze Samsung Galaxy SIII


It’s been a long haul and there have been a LOT of entries for this competition, infact 7,888 to be exact however there can only ever be one winner. [appbar id="com.waze"] Congratulations to Mark Watson who has won the most sought after handset of 2012 courtesy of Waze! We will be in touch very soon to get your address details. ... Read More »

The explosive Samsung Galaxy SIII


We predicted Samsung’s new flagship smartphone would blow away the competition, but we didn’t mean this.  A proud owner of a S3 was driving around Dublin with his phone in the car mount (no charger connected), when suddenly he saw the device emitting a white flame and sparks, followed by a bang. The phone had burned from the inside out, ... Read More »