Google launching Android Device Manager to find your devices

Google has previously left it to third parties to provide your device with a remote device locater and wiper. Until now, and the company has decided to launch their own and all you need is an Android phone with Android 2.2+

The service, which is launching "as part of Google Play" will provide you with the basic functionality services such as Cerberus provide in what appears to be a transparent and decent looking manner.

The service allows for you to see your phone on a map, make it ring and wipe the device. It's the basic set of features which you expect from most security packages, except this appears to be automatic and default for nearly all Google Android users. Some power users may prefer the advanced functionalities provided by others, which is completely fine as this is Google trying to win over consumers.

It's not clear as of yet, if any, attempts are made at trying to stop thieves from simply wiping the phones themselves. Ideally Google should provide a functionality to report the device as lost and the phone cannot be unlocked and the IMEI number recorded.

It is still a great step towards having these services as "standard" and Google Promises an Android app to compliment the new service.

Source via UltraLinx

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