Nexus 10 Caught On Video For A Mere 5 Seconds


The highly anticipated Nexus 10 just made a quick little tease stop for the camera, and by tease I mean 5 seconds. A 5 second video posted by BriefMobile shows the Nexus 10′s homescreen and the opening of the browser. Not much at all, but it is a leak and we are here to report those to you. Don’t blink or you’ll miss this extremely exciting leak.

I started out as a Blackberry user and once that phone was stolen I went to Radio Shack looking at the HD2. Blackberry wasn't cutting it and admittedly I didn't know much about technology, or Android at that point so I looked at the phone with the biggest screen. I'm a media guy and I like to have it mobile. At that point the HD2 had a massive screen and that's exactly what I wanted. Immediately when I got there the manager talked me out of getting a windows device and talked me into Android. I didn't know much about CPUs, Android versions, or what a good spec sheet even looked like. I settled with the Samsung Sidekick and immediately began to hate Android. Probably from the ugly skin and the terrible specs that device had. I started looking how to make the device better and found XDA. That's when it all changed. I started learning about rooting, and flashing. From there I would go on to come across Android websites. How I found Land of Droid was through Twitter. I used #android once and John mentioned me asking if I would like to write for an Android blog. I was hesitant at first but I began to immediately love it. I am now a huge technology fan in all aspects not just mobile. Now when looking for a device I will now know that there are more to specs than a screen size.

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