Android Lost, app That May help find your Phone

Installing Android Lost to the phone by using the Google store link below is easy. Once you have installed the app,  visit to remotely control your phone. You can turn on the GPS and get the location, record audio and take pictures or sound an alarm and display messages on the screen. The best feature by far is the ability to display a message on the screen and automatically snap a picture when someone closes the pop-up message. Display something innocent like “Connection lost” to make sure they click it. Use the resulting photo on the police report.

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UPDATED:October 16, 2012
PRICE:Free Google Play Store Link

This is a tidy free app but, if you own a Samsung or, are thinking about getting one PLEASE visit Samsung Dive website to register your prized procession. Samsung Dive allows you to track your mobile, lock it and control it remotely.

Checkout the video on the play store page from the link above

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  • Joe Simpson

    Sounds like “Plan B” from Lookout

  • Nathan McCartney

    Too bad I can’t get SamsungDive to work on my Sprint Galaxy S III