ZTE Skate Gets World’s First ARMv6 MIUI ROM Port: MIUISkater for the ZTE Skate Is Here!

Yes you read the title correctly! The ZTE Skate, or Orange Monte Carlo to us Brits, has become the first device to get MIUI ported to a ARMv6 device. Incredibly the teenage developer, Lalit Maganti, is the one to have done so, or @Tilal6991 as he is known around the community. The 15 year old Android Developer and CM9 maintainer for the ZTE Skate and the Huawei U8150 has successfully brought over a port from a Nexus One MIUI ROM and it’s not just your bog standard MIUI GB, it’s MIUIv4 ICS as well. Check out below for all the details.

ROM details:

  • MIUI v4 Beta 2.2.17
  • Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3
  • 2.6.35 kernel - based if ZTE source
Full Hardware Acceleration with OpenGL
Smooth UI
Mobile data 2G and 3G
Live Wallpapers
Hardware video decoding - slightly choppy but working
Everything Else apart from stuff below

Partially Working:

USB tethering - Use an external app - Koush’s “Tether” should work
WiFi tethering - use other apps
YouTube - laggy - use JetVD and MX Video Player for smooth playback
USB Mass Storage - seems hit and miss

Not working:

Rotation animations
He has done incredibly well getting it this far and any help would be grateful according to the developer himself, with only a few issues like the camera, themes, BT and rotation hitting a brick wall. Progress it seems will not end here though, the developer is an incredibly hard-working one and as ever ZTE have a huge presence over on the MoDaCo forums. Could this open the doors to more ARMv6 chip devices getting some MIUI? I for one certainly hope so, the ZTE Blade could most likely be getting a port from this ROM as it has similarities. Now it has been shown and done for ARMv6 devices to get the fantastic Chinese ROM. Any MIUI lovers and ZTE Skate owners out there who have been longing for MIUI? Well here it is for you to flash now.
Use this link to jump to the MoDaCo Forum Thread and you can download the ROM now: [ICS] [MIUI] MIUISkater for the ZTE Skate [ROM] [UPDATED - 21/02]

Hi all, I’ve always been very passionate and enthusiastic about technology as a whole and originally I used to run a LAN gaming centre and computer repair shop for 4 years so with that you can imagine how much day to day technology I absorbed. After we shut up shop I moved away from technology orientated work, but I haven’t left it all together, oh no. I’m a massive Android enthusiast and starting with the HTC Hero I found my technology calling and new passion, yes the mobile world. I’ve been writing on blogs now for about 8 months and Land of Droid is now my new home. I’ll be here writing news, reviews, articles, modding world happenings and lots more.

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  • Johnreid180

    Guy is a crap dev though, have you seen his github? Full of shit, binaries, kernel headers for different files. Passes patches off as his own without attributing even the slightest mention of the people who done all the work. All the work done to even get remotely ICS on the blade, which lay the base for 75% of the shit he has sort of done, was by Tom Brennan.

    • C3C0

      Jealous are you ?

    • I.bet.Its.Almighty

      Although this is for the Skate and not the Blade. Also if you read through the forum he says he’s had patches from others. Yes it’s somewhat hacked together but the guys only 15 and has done what some so called “experts” said was impossible. If people wanted him to improve then HELP him, don’t just call him crap.

      • Johnreid180

         Yeah that’s the whole problem, people who seem themselves as expert’s who claim stuff. This miui is portable because the fork still is comparable to AOSP so you can leave your own compiled armv6 binaries in and only replace the platform-independent java files.

        • tilal6991

           I don’t think you have the faintest clue what you are talking about. MIUI has NEVER been ported for precisily the reason that you can’t replace everything like that.

          Admittedly that has changed with MIUI 4 and ICS and I take credit for finding that out - no one else managed to for 2 months before I did.

          • t0mm13b

            MIUI was built for Armv7 chipset, thusly, never has been ported back to Armv6 for that reason!

    • PedroVader

      Have you been inside the mind of a 15 year old? Organisation skills might not be up to par as far as his github goes, but us mortals don’t go there.

      As far as Toms work goes, Lalit has credited him where appropriate, and they are working on the camera fix together.

      Whether solo or as a group CM7 and CM9 have landed on our Skates whilst being pretty much ignored and unsupported by Steve and the CM team

      • Johnreid180

        Lol you have no idea where you’re talking aobut. TomG is not t0mm13b, tomg never released his ics sources, t0mm13b did, which is were talil’s port was originally based on, can’t find a credit for him.

        • tilal6991

           Actually if you see the Blade thread I give credit to skywave and if you go through the commmits for ICS4Blade you’ll see skywave did most of the commits.

      • Johnreid180

         Also only 14 and youngers olds, haven’t been in the mind of a 15 year old.

  • Johnreid180

    Also it aint full hw acceleration. Even although it might be faster, it made the shit really really unstable.

    • jikobutsu

      Agree dude !! Its not usable at all. Sometimes apps crash sometimes phone freezes…..

    • Johnreid180

      Also im homo:(

  • tilal6991

    Dude. If you look at the thread for the Blade ICS I give credit where it is due. Also I’ve cleaned up my Github. If you want to call me names - feel free. I’d love to see you do any better

    Plus even Tom B didn’t actually do everything - it was skywave and Tom G who did the a lot more than him.

    • t0mm13b

      IDIOT! I was working behind the scenes with skywave….

      • tilal6991

         I know Tom. I never said you did nothing. Credits to you as well.

      • Bangcrosby9

        stay behind the scences you twot does it truly fucking matter just enjoy for fuck sake …hull city

  • Johnreid180
    • tilal6991

       No. I didn’t compile it like it says there. I used a completely different method.

  • tilal6991

    Just to clear things up.

    I have given credit where it is due for ICS on the Blade. You can quite clearly see http://android.modaco.com/topic/351670-ics-cm9-coldfusion-for-the-zte-blade-rom-updated-2302/ that I give credit to Skywave, Tom G and Tom B.  

    The work for getting MIUI onto the Blade / Skate was not done by anyone else apart from me. I discovered the method of porting and I didn’t use the tutorial mentioned below - it was my work and so I take credit for it. The only thing it is based on is the MIUI of the N1 which I give credit to and my own CM9 build.

    Please if you have a problem with me or want to question me on anything or even insult me - PM on my Github profile. I’ll happily respond.

    Don’t make baseless claims unless you know they are true. As I said I am always willing to give my sources and credits where they are due and if I miss anyone out that genuinely deserves it, they are always added on request.

    Please refrain from attacking me personally. It’s not very nice.

    • tilal6991

       Also while originally the Github Blade Repo was based on ICS4blade’s work (ie. Skywave and Tom B) it now almost has nothing of that original work - almost all of it has been transformed by me based on the Skate repo.

  • TrollMaster

    What a land of trolls

  • Jusada

    not to cause more arguing, but galaxy ace was first miui port to mdpi, it was done on 2.2.10 but has since been updated. It wasn’t realised on xda so everyone over looks it and chooses to call there’s first. The reason it can be done is because its ics and basically a framework and app folder swap from cm9. Anyone who clams some how they compiled is talking ruddish as source is not avalible. Miui have gone open source on a few gb apps, nothing more. Miui v4 is no longer constrained by prossessors and so its no longer an issue. If you have cm9 on your device and you can resize apps its a relitively simple port. Please feel free to argue, but I’m part of team cooper, the guys who did the first ever mdpi port.

    • tilal6991

      You’re absolutely right - I never said I was the first person to port MIUI in general. I said I was the first to port MIUI v4 to an arm6 device which technically is correct. There were MIUI ports to ARM6 devices but they were hacks/themes/heavily modded frameworks such that MIUI was no longer recognizable. Of course you don’t need to compile MIUI. That’s impossible as they didn’t even release the source.

    • tilal6991

      And you guys may well have been first. But could you link to the thread whose date is earlier than 20/02? If you can’t then it technically doesn’t mean you ported it as you could be lying (I know you are not but theoretically speaking). So the claim of “First port” is for the first released port which would be for the Skate.

  • landofdroid

    Whilst we actively encourage users to have discussion around posts on the site we want to make it known that commenting on this post will be disabled should we see it becoming heated or abusive. 
    That being said, carry on, we are enjoying this :-)