Check Your Weather With SkyMotion

Have you ever walked out of the house without a jacket only to be stuck in the rain later? Have you ever walked out of the house with a jacket, only to be stuck in scorching weather all day? Well, with the app “SkyMotion”, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

SkyMotion gives you time frames for the weather throughout the day. It also detects the weather around you, so that depending on the season, you can see if it’ll rain, snow,or hail.

The app is easy to use. It allows you to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and it also allows you to bookmark specific locations so that you can check the weather there, as well.

When opening the app, you are on the home page. This page gives you two tabs: one for the summary of the weather, and the next for the details of the weather. The summary gives you the temperature and what the weather is like outside. It also gives you an up to the minute forecast of how long you won’t see rain (or sleet, or snow) for. It also is set to check the forecast every few minutes (which you can change in the settings).

In the details tab, you get five minute time slots of the weather. This is useful if you’re just running out of the house quickly, or if you’ll be gone for a while. With this app, you can plan your day without worrying about getting stuck in the rain.

This app seems to be very accurate. It goes by your GPS location on your phone, so the current location is pretty precise. The time slot makes this app really useful, and it updates itself. At the time that I took my test screenshots, there was no rain outside. SkyMotion predicted no rain for the next two hours. Around two hours later, there was still no rain.

This app is really useful. It’s the perfect app for winter, since the rainy (or snowy) season is creeping up quickly

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