Land of Droid’s Monday Night App Giveaway Every Monday In June

We here at Land of Droid really appreciate everything that our readers do for us, if it wasn’t for you guys there would be no site to run and for that we thank you immensely. A simple thank you is just not enough for us, so we have a few giveaways planned for you guys. Along with the other accessories and products we have to giveaway in the future, we have apps for you. Every Monday in June you will have a chance to win an application from us for free.

The applications include:

  1. ezPDF Reader
  2. Tasker
  3. Tagy
  4. Splashtop Remote Desktop

ezPDF Reader





[appbar id=com.tagy.tagcloudui]

Splashtop Remote Desktop

[appbar id=com.splashtop.remote]

Check out all the applications in the market and download the free versions if there is one available, maybe even rate it and leave a comment if you are feeling generous.

Right now there are no official rules or anything as we are still planning but wanted to give you a heads up.


  1. June 4th ezPDF Reader
  2. June 11th June Tasker
  3. June 18th Tagy
  4. June 25th Splashtop Remote Desktop

Best thing to do for more information on this is head over to our Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ Page to keep up with the latest news on this competition, and reviews of all the apps. One of the applications, Tagy, has already been reviewed by our very own John who spoke only good things about this wonderful app and you can find that here.

Still want more of us download our free application:


Want to be generous and help us pay the bills download the donate version.


Stay tuned for more information on these giveaways including reviews, rules, and how to win.

I started out as a Blackberry user and once that phone was stolen I went to Radio Shack looking at the HD2. Blackberry wasn't cutting it and admittedly I didn't know much about technology, or Android at that point so I looked at the phone with the biggest screen. I'm a media guy and I like to have it mobile. At that point the HD2 had a massive screen and that's exactly what I wanted. Immediately when I got there the manager talked me out of getting a windows device and talked me into Android. I didn't know much about CPUs, Android versions, or what a good spec sheet even looked like. I settled with the Samsung Sidekick and immediately began to hate Android. Probably from the ugly skin and the terrible specs that device had. I started looking how to make the device better and found XDA. That's when it all changed. I started learning about rooting, and flashing. From there I would go on to come across Android websites. How I found Land of Droid was through Twitter. I used #android once and John mentioned me asking if I would like to write for an Android blog. I was hesitant at first but I began to immediately love it. I am now a huge technology fan in all aspects not just mobile. Now when looking for a device I will now know that there are more to specs than a screen size.

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