Asus Signs Deal With BlueStacks To Bring Android Apps to Millions of PCs Across The Globe

Asus have signed a deal with the start-up we all should know in the Android world that is BlueStacks. This deal will bring BlueStacks Android app player for Windows pre-loaded on Asus’s hardware.

Anyone buying an Asus PC/Laptop will get six months of free access to the Android app player, all this and the option to upgrade if you wish the the BlueStacks premium options. This is done via the asus@vibe, a one-stop entertainment platform that is preinstalled on all ASUS products. Powered by BlueStacks technology, users of asus@vibe can access BlueStacks and more.

BlueStacks is currently in a beta stage, but the app player will be changing soon to a paid model, Asus users with this included deal will then have 6 months to decide to keep or bin this software or not.

Apparently the 6 month demo will have a broad range of applications into the hundreds and possibly thousands range, although it is still unknown for certain.

The first wave of pre-installed machines with BlueStacks are said to land in September time, so if you fancy a Asus machine with the ability to use a fair few Android apps on Windows then now you can. Personally I’d rather use a phone or tablet myself.

Check out the demo below for a little tour if you are not familiar. If you want to try it out now then head on over here.

Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) June 03, 2012

ASUS, one of the world’s top three consumer notebook vendors and a leading innovator in personal computing products, has partnered with BlueStacks to bring popular Android apps to 30 million Asus PCs worldwide.

BlueStacks, makers of “App Player for PC” software, will enable a rich selection of Android apps on asus@vibe, a one-stop entertainment platform that is preinstalled on all ASUS products. Powered by BlueStacks technology, users of asus@vibe can access exciting and engaging Android apps across all categories including games, social, news, shopping, music, business and education.

BlueStacks recently partnered with top app developers to bring popular Android apps like Fruit Ninja, Evernote, Pulse, Drag Racing, Defender, Tap Fish, Moviefone, Nook, Guns N Glory, Talking Tom and Kids ABC to the one billion strong PC market. BlueStacks’ patent pending LayerCake technology enables Android apps on touch and non-touch Windows PCs. As part of this special arrangement with BlueStacks, users of asus@vibe will enjoy Android apps for free for 6 months, with the option to upgrade to unlimited apps and sync apps from phone to PC. The apps are integrated into and presented seamlessly within the @vibe platform across the entire range of ASUS products, including the ZenBooks, notebooks, Eee PCs, desktop PCs and All-in-one PCs.

"ASUS is delighted to bring a vibrant selection of apps that were previously inaccessible on Windows PCs. Our partnership with BlueStacks is a valuable addition to the @vibe family," noted Vira Chang, the Head of eBusiness Services at ASUS. "The integration of BlueStacks and @Vibe is central to ASUS’s consumer cloud strategy. Additionally, we are encouraged by the increased revenue potential that BlueStacks represents."

"ASUS has created a phenomenal software experience on PCs. Launching with ASUS at Computex 2012 solidifies BlueStacks’ leadership position as the sole provider of apps for consumer electronics and PC manufacturers worldwide," said Rosen Sharma, President and CEO of BlueStacks. "Our strong portfolio of apps from top developers, combined with our unique monetization engine makes this a revenue-generating opportunity for PC OEMs. This is a winning proposition for the entire PC ecosystem. App developers who have already built for Android can now just run their apps on Windows PCs through BlueStacks. We’ve done the heavy lifting for the benefit of all."

Source: Asus

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