Will Rovio add a level editor to Angry Birds?

Anyone who has played Rovio’s latest release, The Amazing Alex, will know that the game has a great replay value. This is due to the fact that there is a level editor on the game, allowing players to create there own custom levels. Well today it seems that Rovio may be hinting at the possibility of adding this into there other hit release: Angry Birds.

This morning Rovio posted an interesting image to their Facebook page. The picture shows a pig and three thought bubbles with different structures inside. The caption reads, “Decisions, decisions, decisions”, meaning he’s deep in thought about which structure would best protect him from the incoming birds (knowing the pigs it will likely be the worst one). While most people simply look at this and think it’s another cute image by Rovio, I think it might be teasing a possible new feature: a level creator!

This could just be a case of simply reading to much into an image. As most know the level creator has been rumoured for a long time in the game. However after the popularity of The Amazing Alex, with it’s own level creator, I personally think this time it may be likely to happen.

Via angrybirdsnest.com

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