Google Magazines APK Here To Download

As you may have just seen, Google Magazines was just announced at Google I/O 12 however if you tried to get it in the UK you would have failed – as like when music launched, the service is not yet available in the UK… well till now!

Here is the APK for you all to download! Please share and enjoy!


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  • Owen Oliver

    Doesnt work with this version of google play

    • landofdroid

      Which version? 

  • RockL0bster

    Kind of works, but you need an american credit card to buy anything … So not really.

  • Korayhussein

    thanks for the apk! but i downloaded the apk and it installs…. but doesn’t appear anywhere!

    how do i access it?

  • Naorid01985

    Works great BTW

  • Naorid01985

    How can i get a free magazine?
    to see if I’de like to purchase?

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