on{X} Android automation… from Microsoft???

Yes, Microsoft have released a beta of a new app - surprisingly not for Windows Phone, but for it’s biggest competition - Android.  This app will look familiar to fans of Motorola’s Smart Actions or the all-powerful Tasker.


The catchy titled (ahem) on{X} sets rules or actions that are then activated based on location, time, speed, weather or other conditions.  This allows recipes such as “Show me the weather forecast every day at 8:00 AM if the expected temperature is below 50 Fahrenheit” or “Text my wife ‘I’m on my way’ when I leave work”.

The actions are set up via a web interface that connects to the app installed in your device via a Facebook log-in.

The rules and actions are nowhere near as powerful as Tasker with a few actions such as turning on/off Wi-Fi conspicuously missing.  The need for a Facebook account will also deter a few people.  However if you want to give this type of automation a try, on{X} is free and as this is a beta version Microsoft will no doubt be adding more functionality over time.


via Android Community

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  • http://twitter.com/strifejester Justin Ellenbecker

    I started playing with it last night and actually am impressed.  Time will tell though.  I can see this thing being a complete destroyer of battery life if it is constantly trying to lock GPS to trigger events.