Are Apple terrified of Android? Shady legal dealings prove they are

You’d think with all the smack talk from Apple that they’re confident their product is superior in every way to Android.

The profit margins reflect this too but I suspect that Apple are genuinely terrified of Android. So terrified they are willing to ”help” Microsoft establish Windows Phone! Really? Read on to find out how.

Here’s an interesting legal twist to the patent fight.

We know that Apple extended their patent offer to Samsung. What we didn’t know was that this was priced in such a way to make Windows Phone a more attractive option than Android.

Here’s the pricing details:

For Android phones, Apple wanted $30 and for Android tablets they wanted $40.

For Windows phones, Apple wanted $9

How’s that for skewing prices?

What’s more - you remember the squeals of protest over Google / Motorola demanding a 2.4% royalty on their patents? That’s about $6 / unit. Talk about double standards.

So Apple - you’re full of cobblers and you know it. You’re terrified the public will know it and you prefer to use legal methods to strongarm the competition. Get back to innovating, we’d love you more for it as technology advances aren’t made by solicitors, they’re made by engineers and designers who thrive on ideas. Ideas you’re trying to suppress.

You can find out more here.

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