YouView App Coming To Android Within 24 Hours

If you are a YouView customer you will be pleased to learn that the company, that offers Free To View TV in the UK, are about to launch their own app within the next 24 hours for Android according to the official Twitter account.

The application features similar features to the Sky+ application and is said to work on most Android 2.3+ handsets however it has been optimised for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, LG Nexus 4, HTC One S and Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Personally I would have thought that they would at least have tested on a tablet however it seems they just don’t deem that important enough.

Official Statement

Official Statement

The YouView App, now available for Android devices as well as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, provides listings for over 70 digital TV and radio channels for the next seven days, with full programme information details. It also allows YouView customers to record their favourite television programmes onto their YouView set-top box, while on the move.The YouView App is available free from Google PlayTM Store at:

• TV GUIDE: 7 day television programme guide
• NOW AND NEXT: See which programmes are on Now and Next across all channels
• CHANNEL LIST: See all programmes on a chosen channel
• PROGRAMME INFORMATION: Information on TV and radio shows for the next 7 days
• REMOTE RECORD: Set your YouView box to record your favourite TV shows or series while out and about
• CONNECT MULTIPLE DEVICES: Connect up to 5 devices (Android and iOS combined) with your YouView box so you and your family can use the YouView remote record service

Mobile Devices: The YouView App for Android can be downloaded on most Android 2.3+ devices and has been optimised for the following smartphones:
Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, LG Nexus 4, HTC One S and Samsung Galaxy Ace

Connecting the app to your YouView set-top box:
You will need to connect the app with your YouView box (or someone else’s YouView box, as long as you have their permission) to use the remote record service. To do this, go to Settings > Device Management > Mobile Devices on your YouView box and follow the instructions.
You will be presented with a unique code that is valid for 2 minutes which you will need to enter into the YouView App.

Once the app is connected successfully, you will then be able to view the TV Guide and set recordings on your YouView box.

Remote recording requests should be set at least 15 minutes before the programme starts.
Please note your selected programme will be recorded if it does not clash with other recordings, and you have space available on your YouView box.

The YouView App is free, but mobile network and/or Wi-Fi charges may apply.

Use of the app is subject to our Application Terms and Conditions, which can be found at…. Please read these before using the app.

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