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HTC Says Greetings From Barcelona: They Say - “Unboxed Something Amazing Right Here”

HTC Have landed and gotten their MWC underway, no nothing has been revealed beforehand anymore just yet by the smartphone giant, but what they have said is the following on the HTC Blog. That was a long flight from Seattle, USA to Spain, but it’s great to be here getting ready …

HTC One S Hands On Images Leak Out Along With The HTC One X Side By Side

ITProPortal have done it again and this time obtained images from a “confidential source” that has the yet to be unveiled and announced HTC One S Android smartphone in hand. It’s coming to the Mobile World Congress along with other HTC devices that’s for sure, and HTC haven’t done a great job (or have …

HTC One X Images Leak Into The Wild: Capacitive Buttons Present, Very Thin, And Very… Well HTC Looking

HTC have a plethora of devices coming to the MWC and expectations are high on HTC to bring them back into contention on the Android platform. The newest HTC flagship device is split between two handsets the HTC Ville and the HTC Edge (We’ll use codenames until they arrive), well some images have been …

Acer Announces The Liquid Glow: A Budget ICS Handset With NFC, 5MP Camera & A 3.7” Screen Coming To The MWC

Acer have decided as many other manufacturers have to reveal a product before the Mobile World Congress itself. Welcome ladies and gentleman to the Acer Liquid Glow. It’s a budget smartphone, although details are limited at the moment we do have some. Acer have revealed something good though and that is it …

MWC Rumour: Are ZTE And Huawei Looking To Use Nvidia Tegra 3 Chips?

With the Mobile World Congress just around the corner, what surprises that come out, and stick out is what is exciting me. According to Digitimes and industry sources ZTE and Huawei will be adopting Nvidia and the Tegra 3, plus the Tegra 2 chips as well in future Smartphones and Tablets. Could we be seeing these Quad-Core [...]

Huawei Hitting The High-End With The Ascend P1 S And Now The Ascend D1 Q

Huawei is always known to produce many a budget handset, nicely most of the time I might add as well. Well it looks as though the Chinese giant is moving towards now producing more higher end offerings in 2012 and now the details are emerging ahead of one particular device the Huawei Ascend D1 Q. [...]

HTC Endeavour Sense 4.0 Screenshots Emerge From The Leaked RUU

Whether you like it or loathe it HTC and it’s Sense overlay isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The HTC Endeavour handset that is due to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks recently has had a fair few leaks and even a RUU leaked out. Well, the guys over at [...]

HTC’s Rumoured MWC Line-up Test Photos Emerge: 5 Smartphones And 1 Tablets Snaps

Over at PocketNow it seems they always get the first shots, they don’t stop either as they have got the “first test photos of 5 smartphones and a tablet”. Mobile World Congress is nearly upon us and the excitement is building every day it draws closer, the anticipation is now gathering with more leaks coming [...]

HTC Endeavour RUU Stripped Apart To Reveal Details: NFC, Tegra 3, 4.7” 720p Screen And Ermm… Skydrive

Yes indeed people the HTC Endeavour, or the Edge as it was known before in leaked circles had it’s RUU leaked out into the world, this of course didn’t take long for developers alike to rip it apart and reveal what we will be getting. Well, we reported here at Land of …

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Leaks

The original mini wasn’t a fantastically popular device despite it being low cost and in the budget Android and it’s successor will most like have the same level of attention. The Android 2.3 operated Mini 2 (S6500) is a 3.3 inch (HVGA) device with an 800MHz CPU, 3MP Camera and 3GB of …

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