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KAZAM announces their first smartphones

KAZAM white

KAZAM has finally lifted the veil off their first two lines of smartphones. In total, seven different models will be available across Europe “over the coming days and weeks”. The roll out will be staggered on a regional basis. The new OEM established themselves as a company earlier this year with the idea to shake things up. Not only promising ...

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HTC Dual Boot WP Devices - Why It Shouldn’t Happen

  There has been much ado about an alleged series of talks between Microsoft and HTC. It has been reported by other blogs that MS is asking the OEM to allow Windows Phone to boot alongside Android on their devices. This brings to the table many questions from several different angles. Here is my take on what this would mean, ...

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[Rumor] Sony to launch external camera for your phone

Do you really fancy a big chunky lens camera for your smartphone? You do, because that’s awesome and Sony are rumoured to be launching one. The lenses also pack a little more tech than you would imagine. They have on-board processing to allow the images to be snapped and transferred to your device over WiFi or NFC. NFC in this ...

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Why Market Share Numbers Should Matter to Apple (Opinion)


Take a look at the Chart Below. It shows Marketshare by manufacturer. Going by that chart its easy to think Apple is Killing it.  Actually they are killing it. (Have you seen the margins on an iphone sale?) They’ve got an incredible revenue stream and an abundance of cash in the coffers. So why should Apple be worried? Well, Apple ...

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Vodafone UK, release Android-powered Smart Mini on PAYG

When it comes to budget smartphones one company stands out from the crowd, Vodafone. And they have again extended its line-up of own-brand smartphones. Their latest device is the most affordable to date, the Smart Mini costing just £50 on PAYG. That money gets you an entry-level Android 4.1 Jelly Beans phone with a 3.5-inch HVGA 320×480 pixels screen, MediaTek’s ...

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HTC Confirms ONE, European Release for UK and Germany

While there’s been indecision over just when the HTC One would would show its face on the shelves of mobile stores in the UK, because of the  delays in many areas and a dribble of availability in others. It seems that, in theory, those uncertainties  have been resolved. HTC now says that UK, Germany and Taiwan will have an official ...

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Motorola phones surface online - The Yeti, Sasquatch and Ghost

Its been sometime since we’ve heard anything from Motorola about any new products. Yes, there’s the mythic ‘X-Phone’ that’s touted to be the first offspring of the Google-Motorola partnership, but even that phone just exists as nothing more than speculation and rumours right now. However, this week, details of three new Motorola devices have made their way to the surface thanks to ...

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Magellan Debuts SmartGPS Apps Help Users Discover Their World

Magellan Debuts SmartGPS Apps, Help Users Discover Their World. Magellan will Demonstrate the SmartGPS Apps during Mobile World Congress at ShowStoppers Media Event in Barcelona next week (25th to 28th). Following the recent announcement of Magellan’s award-winning SmartGPS device, the free Magellan SmartGPS Apps for iOS and Android devices are the next key elements in Magellan’s Smart Ecosystem, a cloud ...

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Samsung’s Confusing Upgrade Offer

Do you have an old phone lying around, and don’t make use of it? Samsung have started an upgrade/trade-in offer in partnership with Expansys where you can trade in your old phone for one of their tablets or cameras. The phones that qualify for a trade in are: iPhone 3GS 16GB iPhone 3GS 32GB iPhone 3GS 32GB iPhone 3GS 8GB ...

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