Some thoughts on the Moto X


The Moto X has caused a pretty big buzz since its launch just a few days ago — some good buzz, some bad, but all interesting. Putting aside the controversial aspects for a moment, I’d like to focus on something that Robert Scoble thinks of as, “the freaky line” and the “always on” connection to Google Now. While I find ... Read More »

Google launching Android Device Manager to find your devices

Google Device Manager Teaser

Google has previously left it to third parties to provide your device with a remote device locater and wiper. Until now, and the company has decided to launch their own and all you need is an Android phone with Android 2.2+ The service, which is launching "as part of Google Play" will provide you with the basic functionality services such ... Read More »

Google Release AdSense for Android Application

Google AdSense Android

If, like me, you’re a website owner and have Google AdSense running on it then you will be glad to hear that you can now download the official Android Application for the revenue generating tool. AdSense, released today, joins Google Analytics in the web owners tool selections from Google and is compatible with Android 4.0 device and up. With that ... Read More »

Here’s One in Blue


The HTC One is undoubtedly popular and the fact that it has now shipped in Silver, Black and Red is a testament to that fact however it seems that there is another colour variant  ready to be launched. The HTC One Blue (HTC6500LVWBLU) is set to launch on Verizon according to Verizon’s inventory systems have been updated with an additional SKU. It’s ... Read More »

Mobio Go Review – A Car Mount With a Difference

2013 - 2

  Sometimes I receive technology through my door that shakes the very foundations of what I thought was possible. Not this week though. This week I have been given a Mobio Go from our friends at to try out and I have to say I am impressed. Using the witchcraft that is magnets, Mobio has a range of different ... Read More »

Microsoft release Office Mobile for Android


Microsoft has released it’s version of Microsoft Office for Android phones (sorry tablet users) and is available for everyone using Office 365. This means if you have to use Microsoft Office for the odd task, you can now view and edit your Office 365 documents on the go. The app acts as a small suite containing Word, Excel and PowerPoint ... Read More »

Moga Pocket Review

Manual, Controller, and Case

  There’s no denying that mobile gaming is here to stay. What with the devices we all know and love getting more and more powerful with every generation – making something that fits in our pocket more capable, and more awesome, as time goes by. But there is one thing that hasn’t updated in a very long time… The human ... Read More »

Asphalt 7 updated to work with Android 4.3


Gameloft have issued an update to Asphalt 7 which means it will now work on devices running Android 4.3. The premium racing game was crashing as the game loaded the main menu screen under the latest Android release.  The update is live in the market now for those who wish to get some practice in while they wait for the ... Read More »

Ubuntu for Android might release soon


Canonical have created a lot of buzz with their crowd funding plan for their proposed Ubuntu Edge device, and have so far used one day price reductions in an attempt to keep donations/sales coming in and interest high.  There is no denying however that the uptake rate has fallen dramatically since the start of last week and what the company ... Read More »