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HTC DNA to rival Samsung Galaxy Note 2

An alleged press shot of a HTC DNA smartphone-come-tablet has been released online by Twitter user @evleaks, a device which is apparently the western version of the HTC J Butterfly.
The handset it seems to be based on is only available in Japan, but the DNA or DLX image showed Verizon branding, which indicates a US release.
If the device does go on sale in the States, it could also be made available in the UK and Europe.

More information could be available soon, as HTC and Verizon recently sent out media invites to an event taking place on November 13th. While most of the J Butterfly’s components are standard for a top-of-the-line Android phone - quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 8MP camera - its screen is anything but. Packing a whopping 1920×1080 display (yep, that’s full HD, for those keeping score at home) into a 5-inch package is a truly impressive feat of engineering. HTC already has some of the best mobile screens on market, and bringing the J Butterfly to the U.S. - even if the new name is just as silly - could extend that lead even farther.

The Droid DNA, or whatever it’s going to be called, should run Jelly Bean out of the box. A joint HTC/Verizon announcement scheduled for Tuesday is rumoured to be the official roll-out of the device, which is said to be exclusive to that carrier.

The telecommunications company and mobile phone manufacturer said: “We invite you to experience our latest collaboration.”

It looks as though the gadget will have a five-inch display, making it a competitor of devices like the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
Technology makers are creating more devices of this size, as consumers look to get

more value from their device.
A larger display can make the gaming and movie-viewing experience more convenient and enjoyable. So we will have to wait and see just what HTC unveil at the event.

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