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Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories - A comment

Accessories are an important part of any device, they help compliment its use, often in a subtle way, but certainly enhances the enjoyment value.  I have been very pleased to see that when it comes to the Galaxy S4 Samsung have not been slow at sending out accessories, with most items fully stocked a while before the phones release date.

It is quite well known that I have a recent history with Samsung devices, I have owned the S1, S2, S3 and Note2 over the last few years and loved them all, but one thing I didn’t like was the accessories situation.

I was lucky enough to assist Samsung at the product launch (unpacked) for the S3 where we were shown lots of accessories and in turn were demonstrating a few of them later at the event to the prying eyes of the general public and press, however, what followed was not too impressive.

The phone was released but for several months following no official accessories were available.  There seemed to be numerous delays and other problems which meant you could own a device and have no means of purchasing accessories.  The same occurred after the release of the Note2 (although it was not quite so bad).

It seems Samsung have learnt their lessons with the Samsung Galaxy  S4.  Accessories are available by the plenty, from Galaxy S4 cases to Galaxy S4 chargers.

Samsung have also thought outside the box and given us new options such as the windowed flip case, so you can still see key elements of the screen whilst using a flip-case, something which was a rather obvious oversight on the S3 and Note2.

I personally think that when releasing a phone getting the phone itself perfect is not the only point of consideration, without a good range of readily available accessories you will always be damaging your image and customer base.  It is nice to see that it doesn’t appear to be an issue any longer.

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