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Gumtree releases Android app for UK users and ad posting feature for iOS

Gumtree the classified ad site has finally released an Android app yesterday, which is drawing attention from Android users as the word gets around.
Android users have been waiting for some time to get their hands on a mobile app. The iOS version was launched in February and has also been refreshed along with the Android release.
Gumtree carries over 1.5 m ads for all manner of things, you name it, it’s probably for sale on Gumtree. All of these ads can be seen via the free Android app and sellers can be contacted directly from within the app via a call, SMS or email.

While browsing, users can also create a favourites list to scale down their choices. The service is ad-supported with small ads appearing at the bottom of index pages.
The app’s pretty simple to use, the ads are not too intrusive and it’s fairly clear when it comes to making lists and finding things to buy. One thing that might serve those posting ads would be to check image sizes. If an image is small on the site, it’s even tinier on the app and could ensure that the ad is overlooked. Also – as seen in the ad below – adding the right picture might be useful.

Overall, the app complements the web site and will be a handy thing to have around for the site’s million users. It’s quick, simple and provides the functions you would need if you were looking to buy from the no-frills classified ad site. Worth having around if you’re prone to browsing for bargains on second-hand goods or looking for a new flatmate.

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Gumtree: Android

Gumtree  iOS

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