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How To Disable Lockscreen Widgets in Android 4.2

Android 4.2 is here and it’s been received with mixed feelings. I have it on my Galaxy Nexus and although I love it, I can see and have replicated a lot of bugs. One feature that has been introduced in Android 4.2 is the lockscreen widgets. Now some would call this a bug, simply bugging them with disdain and not ... Read More »

[Download] Leaked Samsung Galaxy SII Document for Upgrading to Android 4.0

I said it months ago when Ice Cream Sandwich was announced, the update for non tech savvy user from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is huge. The interface is completely different and Samsung have completely recognised this by producing an internal guide for their Customer Service team on talking customers through the changes and the update ... Read More »

GUIDE: How to Install CM9 Alpha 0 on the HP TouchPad with video

A few days ago we told you about CM9 soon being available for the HP TouchPad, and now it has not only been released in Alpha 0 stage, but there’s also a guide on how to install it available as well. Liliputing has posted a very helpful guide on how to install here, and here’s a video they link showing ... Read More »

New CyanogenMod Compiler makes building easier for the masses

XDA and CM developer lithid-cm has returned to the Android scene after a brief, frustrating trip down the iPhone path, and he returns with a BANG! He has created a CLI (common language interface) for building CM from source named, appropriately, CyanogenMod Compiler (NOTE: Linux only). Continue after the break for more info. Read More »

MIUI A2SD Explained And How To Enable On Your Device

MIUI uses Darktremor’s A2SD and it’s an excellent tool to give you a storage solution with a stable, issue free and easy A2SD method that’s full of features to change a number of settings. While MIUI supports this and it’s there, It however needs to be enabled within the Terminal Emulator via a few command line entries. Some of us ... Read More »

MIUI Applications And Extras Explained

Now MIUI haven’t just compiled a ROM and put a theme engine on top, no they have also added some of their own applications and implementations as well to make it a much more "Me You I" experience. First up we will cover two of the additional extras added in the Camera and Music Player and then some of the ... Read More »

MIUI Beginners Guide And First Step Walkthrough In Getting Started

What is MIUI exactly? - Well, here we will cover a brief history of MIUI, where it come from and what it is all about. MIUI which is developed by Xiaomi Tech and pronounced "Me You I",  It’s an after market custom ROM firmware for Smartphone’s based upon the Android platform. MIUI is based upon Android 2.3.7 and the CyanogenMod ... Read More »