MyGiffGaff Android App Released

Today, after what seems like a million years UK Network provider GiffGaff released their MyGiffGaff App to the Play Store. For those who don’t know GiffGaff is a virtual network provider running off the O2 network that is entirely community run. Boasting unlimited data on most of  its Goodybag bundles for as little as 12 a month, GiffGaff certainly offers some great value for money and has now started selling phones for reasonable rates too.

The App itself is designed to let you access your  account much like the MyOrange App and indeed many others. MyGiffGaff also gives you quick access to all the community forums which is a must when all customer service is done through it. I’ve only used it for a few minutes but it already has problems that stop me from using it. Apart from the first screen which shows how many minutes, messages, and data you have left, the other pages all seemed to be frames for the mobile version of their website. I’ve always felt this to be lazy design and gives such a disconnected user experience.

Because of the use of the mobile web you still cant top up if you run out of credit for example. You used to be able to which was extremely helpful but as I sit in here the mobile web page isn’t loading correctly and the whole thing seems “ergh”

Two positive things about it though. The app follows the Holo guidelines as best it can, although the mobile web ruins that feel when you navigate to it and it comes with the APN settings on a page which is extremely helpful when you are installing GiffGaff on an older Device.

Overall MyGiffGaff is a “that will do” attempt at an app. On the one hand you have a UI that looks great but on the other you have the mobile webpage that ruins any good feeling about it.

Here’s hoping it will improve.

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