Introducing our Posts for Points Scheme for You Guys!

Introducing our Posts for Points Scheme for You Guys!Introducing our Posts for Points Scheme for You Guys!

Land of Droid Official Merchandise Store Now Open

Land of Droid Official Merchandise Store Now OpenLand of Droid Official Merchandise Store Now Open

Free Your Android and Land of Droid Android Meetup in Glasgow

Free Your Android and Land of Droid Android Meetup in GlasgowFree Your Android and Land of Droid Android Meetup in Glasgow

Mystery LG Device L-05D Handset Caught Taking Photos

hyojong choi - Picasa Web Albums 2

Have you ever found yourself trawling through Picassa or Google+ images on the web and looking at the photo details in the hope you find something very unusual like a new make or model of handset? Admittedly, this is something I do quite often however I’ve yet to actually find anything more than realising some ...

TSF Shell 3D (App Review)


Before we move forward with this review, let's go backwards a bit in time to about the middle of December 2011. TSF launched a YouTube video that was immediately showcased by all the major tech blogs. It made quite a splash showing off incredibly smooth transitions, an innovative dockbar, flaming icons, and much more running ...

Survey Shows 53% of Android Developers own a Samsung

An Infographic survey has been carried out which has revealed that 53% of android developers surveyed actually own a Samsung device whilst only 22% own a HTC and interestingly only 5% own a Motorola handset. Android developers are also a pretty dedicated bunch it would seem as out of those surveyed 62% develop soley for android ...

Verizon to Push Android 2.3.6 Update to LG Spectrum

Verizon Wireless LG Spectrum

According to Phandroid, the LG Spectrum on Verizon Wireless will be getting an OTA update soon bringing it to Android 2.3.6. The update (VS920ZV5) is said to contain a host of updates including the NFL Mobile 4.0, My Verizon, Google Play, Gmail, and the Amazon Kindle app. No word on when the update is rolling out, but ...

AT&T Expands 4G LTE Footprint to 3 New Cities

att 4g lte

AT&T is expanding their 4G LTE footprint pretty rapidly and today they have announced three more cities (Akron, Ohio; Lafayette, Indiana; Canton, Ohio). This will certainly benefit those who have current AT&T devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE and the upcoming HTC One X. See below for the press release for the Akron ...

Google Chrome for Android Beta Adds Cloud Print feature


Google is making it easier to bring information to your Android device with a new feature in Chrome for Android Beta. When you utilize the Google Cloud Print option on any desktop while printing a document, you'll see your Android tablet and phone presented as options - if your device is running ICS and Chrome ...

Print to FedEx Now From Google Cloud Print


Google Cloud Print has been growing as a unique solution to allow you to print to your home computer without being at home. Applications like PrinterShare enable your mobile device to connect to Google Cloud Print. Now Google is partnering with FedEx to allow you to print to FedEx Office Print & Go printers in ...

HTC One X Interview

This really needs no other details – simply sit back, watch and laugh… Via: The Droid Guy

Orange UK Confirm ICS Rollout for Galaxy SII


The wait is finally over for Orange customers with the Galaxy SII handset who are patiently waiting for their Ice Cream Sandwich update (Android 4.x) A recent tweet by Orange Helpers has confirmed that the update will start tomorrow via KIES. Remember though, this is not Over The Air and you will ...

Draw Something to Get New Features

Draw Something is finally benefitting from the Zynga buy out and is getting some new features. The app is getting more social and now allowing you to share any images your particularly proud of on Facebook and Twitter. You can also now share a short message of 100 characters with your oppenent which will make ...

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