HTC One – Now In Red

HTC One Red 2

The HTC One one of the best phones out at the moment (well in many peoples eyes it is the best phone, but we won’t go into that argument) is now available in Red, this adds to the grey (clean metal) and black versions that are already available. There is no other differences with the phone other than its colour. ... Read More »

Say Hello To The New Motorola Logo

motorola logo

It was only a mater of time before the Google in Motorola started to shine through and here it is, the new Motorola “A Google Company” Logo. So what’s your thought’s? Do you like it? I think I do actually. Via: GSM Arena Read More »

CyanogenMod getting secure messaging

CyanogenMod logo (Cid) with a new sticker on used to show new features in CyanogenMod CM

As many of you know recently in America there has been a lot of trouble with the government snooping on people’s private messages. But, it seemed some systems were not tappable by anyone and the CM team thought they should build this right into Android itself. The details are quite complex to get your head around the way they work. ... Read More »

Metawatch Frame Review (a Smartwatch)

The Watch

Lots of people have stated that they believe smart watches to be the key technology of 2013.  We are now half way through the year and there has not really been any new technological breakthroughs. But we do have some smart watches, each offering a different take on the idea of a ‘smart watch’.  I will be looking at the ... Read More »

Two awesome CyanogenMod goodies landing shortly


The CyanogenMod team have been working hard on new features which help push it to become the best Android experience possible and these two nifty new features are going to be landing very shortly on the nightly builds The first is the most exciting from Steve Kondik who has built a “Privacy Filter” designed to prevent applications getting access to ... Read More »

YouView App Now Live on Google Play

youview logo

Well this is a bit embarrassing! Only a short period since we mentioned that the YouView app would be hitting Google Play within the next 24 hours do they make it available. If you have downloaded it and spotted any bugs so far we would love to hear from you. Read More »