HTC may bring Sense 5 & 4.2.2 to the One S after all

After all the fuss surrounding HTC’s decision to exclude the One S from their previously promised position of an update to Sense 5 and Android 4.2.2 it seems the story may not be quite over.  In this current culture of massive U-turns HTC may be attempting to reverse again regarding the One S.   A usually reliable source for HTC ... Read More »

Mega (Cloud Storage) Android App Out Now

mega banner

Mega, the cloud storage from former Megaupload Onwer Kim Dotcom launched some time ago but without an Android Client. However, we now have one! It appears to have all the features we have come to expect from such a cloud storage application, including auto-backup of images and videos. Let us know what you think! Read More »

Why Market Share Numbers Should Matter to Apple (Opinion)


Take a look at the Chart Below. It shows Marketshare by manufacturer. Going by that chart its easy to think Apple is Killing it.  Actually they are killing it. (Have you seen the margins on an iphone sale?) They’ve got an incredible revenue stream and an abundance of cash in the coffers. So why should Apple be worried? Well, Apple ... Read More »

Motorola Moto X – The Finer Details

Earlier today I posted details of an advert for the upcoming Moto X handset from Motorola which is set to be released tomorrow however at that point very little was known about the customisation being offered by the handset. Thanks to ABC News we can now reveal a little more about the upcoming handset and what’s being offered. So it seems ... Read More »

Candy Crush Saga Updated


I’m not a huge fan if these types of game, call me old fashioned but I was more a Tetris sort of guy. Sadly though for Facebook users across the world, Candy Crush Saga is still growing in strength and now with their latest app update it seems it’s about to get worse. You can now set yourself a reminder ... Read More »

Motorola Tease Moto X in Independence Day Advert


With Independence Day being tomorrow, Motorola have finally teased at the release of the Moto X which is something to get the mouths of patriots and tech fans watering. In an advert for the Moto X, Motorola announce that this will be the first smartphone designed, engineered and built in the USA. Whilst I can’t 100% guarantee that statement I’m ... Read More »