HTC Logo on @HTC One Turns into Additional Button

One of the big design changes HTC brought to the their new flagship device, the One was a reduction to two control buttons.  Not everyone has taken to the changes and custom ROMs include a feature to make additional use of the back button to try and compensate.  It was also though that the digitiser on the device extended below ... Read More »

HTC One X Receives OTA Update

I woke up this morning to a nice symbol showing on my HTC One X, you know, the symbol that says “hey user, I have an update for you to download” which makes you smile and think you are being updated to the latest Android release. Well in this case it isn’t that big a deal though most of the ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories – A comment

Accessories are an important part of any device, they help compliment its use, often in a subtle way, but certainly enhances the enjoyment value.  I have been very pleased to see that when it comes to the Galaxy S4 Samsung have not been slow at sending out accessories, with most items fully stocked a while before the phones release date. Read More »

Facebook Home Surpasses 500,000 Downloads & I Ask Why?

Facebook Home is the new launcher by Social Media giant, Facebook which sits as an overlay on the Android Operating system providing real time images and status’s from Facebook onto your home screen or to put it better check out the actual summary from Facebook themselves below the story. It’s been a little under a week now since Facebook launched ... Read More »

Twitter shutdowns TweetDeck AIR and mobile app on May 7th

Twitter has been saying for weeks that TweetDeck’s AIR and mobile apps would be shutting down sometime in May, but we didn’t have an exact date when loyal supporters would finally have to move on. Twitter have now released the date which has been confirmed as May 7th. So in just over two weeks, Twitter will pull the plug on ... Read More »

BadNews bug found in 32 Play Store apps

Security firm Lookout have identified thirty two sperate cases of apps containing the BadNews bug.  The bug sends texts to premium rate services clocking up huge bills for those with infected handsets.  The bug had latched onto applications from four different developers disguised as an advertising network meaning that the developers themselves were probably not responsible or even aware their ... Read More »

Are Google developing an Android Game Centre?

Rumours are that Google are planning to launch a multi player game centre for android, although so far no one outside of Google knows what the projects name is. The new system could include generic multiplayer platform features like in game chat, lobbies, leader boards, and achievement monitoring for comparison with online buddies. Apparently discovery of this new system was ... Read More »

The HTC one for all your lying, cheating and dirty photo needs

Are you "that lying barsteward" who likes to text dirty messages to other woman? or perhaps you are "that Cheating Biatch" who sends naked selfies to men she met at a club while your man was looking after the kids and worrying you might not make it home, or if he had given you enough money for you to enjoy ... Read More »

Gameloft Release Iron Man 3 Trailer – Looks Really Good

Think back to when Android was first released and how poor the gaming selection was never mind the graphical capabilities of games. Jump forward to now and we are seeing games that genuinely should be on a console as they look that good and when linked to a TV with a game pad, gaming takes a new lease of life. ... Read More »