SwiftKey Lining Up This ICS Keyboard Theme To Come In The Next Major Update Release

SwiftKey Keyboard is amazing in my view and the highly predictable keyboard has been holding a vote in the VIP members forum for a ICS themed keyboard skin for all of us to enjoy.

Well, it’s coming and coming soon all you SwiftKey fans. It was confirmed today by Evan Tapper a SwiftKey Admin with this message on the SwiftKey support forums.

If you are a member on the SwiftKey VIP forum then you could of voted and seen that a vote was put up with  possible 6 keyboard skins and the result is in. Check this bad boy out below.

The selection and new ICS skin will be incorporated into the next major update release of Swiftkey and when we know more we will keep you posted. Want your SwiftKey keyboard to sync in with that ICS look? Well it’ll be here soon.

Source: SwiftKey SupportSwiftKey VIP Poll

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  • JimJam707

    Looks purty, can’t wait

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