REVIEW: Flygrip Smartphone Grip

Many times I have found myself struggling to hold onto my device while trying to use it one-handed, either for watching videos, reading email or listening to music. Too often it ends up looking like a juggling display akin to the traveling circus, sometimes with the grand finale being the device smacking to the ground. With today’s devices getting larger, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note, one-handed operation becomes more difficult. Flygrip, headquartered out of New York, came up with an ingenious idea – a smartphone accessory which will enable you to solidly grip your device! Originally intended for the iPhone, it holds no specific design which prohibits it from being used on other (arguably better) devices. So I decided to give it a whirl after they sent me one.


The Flygrip is definitely an ergonomic design which fits your hand nicely. By slipping two fingers into slots on the back, your grip is nice and comfortable and you have one hand free to use the screen without trying to hold onto it with both hands. It’s made out of hard plastic and feels very sturdy. There’s a hinge which allows your fingers to slide in and then helps convert the Flygrip to a kickstand for multiple uses.



  •  Flygrip with adhesive backing
  • Additional adhesive backing
  • Two “bumpers” for adjusting the fit
  • Alcohol swab for cleaning prior to application
  • Instructional booklet



I genuinely love the idea of this accessory and enjoy using it though it doesn’t fit with my case so I have to choose one or the other. It is sturdy and durable and looks like it will last for the life of my device, or longer. The only thing that I am not excited about, and I hope they fix in a future version, is the lack of a swivel for the Flygrip. When holding horizontally it felt extremely uncomfortable on my wrists and not as ergonomic as holding vertical. That being said, I highly recommend this as your next accessory.

Our Rating 3/5:

Jeremy is a tech strategist/project manager and application developer in the corporate world, and a coffee geek. He has spent over 15 years in the professional IT field, and has been a tech hack for a majority of his 35 years and is a lover of all things Android and Google. He has 3 kids and a beautiful wife.

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  • Stu Alsford

    Why not attach it to the case itself rather than the phone? I’d be concerned about the residue etc that the adhesive may leave.

  • Abbie

    Not to worry – the adhesive is 3M and doesn’t leave any residue! But FlyGrip can be attached to either the case or the phone.