Android Tablet Under £100 at Asda UK

Asda UK have unveiled a sub-£100 Android tablet, amid claims that price points in the region of £500 or above are limiting sales of slates powered by Google’s operating system.

Manufactured by Aranova, the eight-inch slate offers HD video playback, on board storage of 4GB for all your apps and movies and a microSDHC card slot to allow you to expand its capacity.

The Aranova 8” also packs the 2.1 version of Android, aka Éclair, and is compatible with the majority of apps, games and ebooks on offer at the Android Market app store. Battery life is said to last a reasonable of 25 hours or so on a full charge

As you might expect at this price point, the tablet is Wi-Fi-only and does not support 3G connectivity. However, given that it’s Wi-Fi models of existing tablets that are proving most popular right now, we don’t suppose it’ll harm its chances any.

Asda is touting its offering as the “ideal holiday gadget” that carries “ all the books, music and entertainment that you’ll ever need on holiday with no risk of excess baggage charges”.


Posted by: Stephen

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